BREAKING. The Judge in the Fusion GPS Case has Been Booted

The Honorable Tanya Chutkan, U.S. District Judge for the District of Columbia, provides keynote remarks during Building a More Perfect Union: A National Conversation on Rights and Justice at the National Archibes in Washington, DC, on June 21, 2017.

In a lot of circles there has been concern expressed about the fact that Judge Tanya Chutkan is handling the case where the House Intelligence Committee is trying to pry open the bank records of Fusion GPS to determine the scope of their direct involvement in the Trump Dossier including which journalists they paid to push the Trump dossier story.

Chutkan was troubling because she was an Obama appointee whose law firm represented Huma Abedin and other Democrat insiders. She’s also the judge that orderd DHS to procure an abortion for a pregnant illegal teen.

Now, for reasons we don’t know, Chutkan has been taken off the Fusion GPS case and the case handed to Judge Richard de Leon. This is the PACER notice (Fusion GPS is the d/b/a of Bean LLC, see the last link) :

Why did this happen? One has to assume that Chutkan’s potential conflicts of interest were demonstrated to be real.