And Who Exactly Did That Kremlin Lawyer Meet With Before and After the Famous Trump Tower Meeting?

Kremlin-linked lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya speaks to journalists in Moscow, Russia, Tuesday, July 11, 2017. Veselnitskaya admits she met with Donald Trump Jr. during the 2016 presidential campaign, but insists that she had no compromising information on Hillary Clinton to offer in contrast to what the email exchange released by Trump’s eldest son suggested. (AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko)



Just a couple of days ago Natasha Fatale Natalia Veselnitskaya resurfaced. Veselnitskaya, you’ll recall, is the Russian lawyer with ties to the Putin regime and who had been denied a visa to enter the United States but was able, along with former GRU officer, Rinat Akhmetshin, to take a meeting with Donald Trump, Jr. and others (Kushner, Manafort, and others) to lobby for relaxing Magnitsky Act sanctions. She had also been in the employ of Fusion GPS, the company behind the Trump dossier. Yesterday, she announced that she was willing to tell all to the Senate Judiciary Committee on the condition that she do so at a public hearing. Today, FoxNews is reporting an interesting twist on this famous Trump Tower meeting:

But hours before the Trump Tower meeting on June 9, 2016, Fusion co-founder and ex-Wall Street Journal reporter Glenn Simpson was with Veselnitskaya in a Manhattan federal courtroom, a confidential source told Fox News. Court records reviewed by Fox News, email correspondence and published reports corroborate the pair’s presence together. The source told Fox News they also were together after the Trump Tower meeting.

You nearly have to go full-metal Helen Keller here not to get somewhat suspicious.

  • Russian lawyer with ties to the Kremlin and Fusion GPS gets a visa parole to come to New York.
  • Said Russian lawyer meets with the head of Fusion GPS and goes to meet with Donald Trump, Jr. and friends.
  • Fusion GPS has been involved in developing oppo on Donald Trump and is in the process of hiring Christopher Steele who will produce the Trump dossier.
  • Russian lawyer now claims she was asked for information of illegal financial transactions by the Clinton campaign and DNC.
  • Russian lawyer meets with the head of Fusion GPS after the Trump Tower meeting.

Today the House Intelligence Committee and Fusion GPS are locked in battle in court over additional information the House wishes to subpoena. Eventually some form of the truth will emerge here.


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