The Democrat Candidate for Virginia Governor Believes Being Accused of a Crime Takes Away the Right to Vote

On a regular basis the Democrats get on their high horse over protecting voting rights. Usually their idea of protecting voting rights means letting illegals vote and making it easier to impose taxes on your neighbors than it is to buy a bottle of Ripple. While Democrats have been campaigning to restore voting rights to one of their core constituencies, that would be convicted felons, the Democrat candidate for Virginia governor, Ralph Northam, is going in the opposite direction. He believes that merely being accused of a crime should bar you from voting:


While I still think Northam is the favorite in tomorrow’s election, his campaign is exuded the rich aroma of flopsweat right now. This “attack” if you can call this, whatever, an attack, is stupid and desperate and shows Northam’s lack of respect for the intelligence of Virginia’s voters, particularly Democrats.


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