GQ Runs the Most Hilarious Correction of the Past Decade

So Donald Trump tweeted out that Sayfullo Saipov, the Uzbek Islamist who drove a van onto a bike path in New York City killing eight and injuring 11, deserved the death penalty.


This, naturally, generated controversy. Some of it intelligent but most of it not so much. Falling firmly on the “not so much” side of the ledger was this:

That is thoroughly woke. The obvious reason Trump isn’t demanding the death penalty for the Las Vegas shooter is because he’s a white guy. This Uzbek “diversity lottery” winner, well to Hell with him, right?

Or there could be another reason…one they GQ finally grasped.

These ladies and gentlemen are your self-appointed elites. The people you should listen to. The big-brained thinkers who would rule you. In short, this is why you have Trump.

(Executing the deceased is not unheard of. When Charles II was restored to the British Crown he had Cromwell and the Regicides exhumed and executed again but I don’t think Trump has proposed that.)

–hat tip to Stephen Miller for finding that gem.


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