Jake Tapper Interviews Rex Tillerson About Morons and Gonads

Rex Tillerson was on CNN’s State of the Nation this morning. This is the whole interview.

Not a lot of news was made on the diplomatic front. Tillerson wants to stay in the Iran deal for the time being and is supportive of the decision to not certify Iran. He said that diplomatic efforts to bring North Korea into compliance with its responsibilities will continue “until the first bomb drops.” But this is what interested Jake Tapper.


The “moron” question. Let’s review the bidding on this. The State Department has said it didn’t happen. Secretary of Defense James Mattis has said not only that the “moron” incident didn’t happen but the entire discussion about nuclear weapons didn’t happen. In the end, Tillerson tells Tapper that he’s simply not going to play the game and Tapper can interpret that as how he likes.

I’m not dignifying the question with an answer, okay, and I’m a little surprised you want to spend so much time on it when there’s so many important issues around the world to deal with.

Tillerson is right. The people pushing this have shown they will not accept a denial. If they won’t accept one, there is no reason to offer one.

Then we come to the unserious comment by the unserious Bob Corker who claimed that Trump had “castrated” Tillerson.


Tillerson: I checked. I’m fully intact.

This segment is 18:56 in length. The first question to Tillerson comes at 1:10. The “moron” question comes at 9:50. It and the “castrated” comment finish out the show. I don’t know what we witnessed but it wasn’t journalism.


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