Rex Tillerson Responds to Media Reports That He Called President Trump a Moron


I nearly had to have a cigarette after writing that headline.

The backstory is this. Yesterday, NBC ran a surreal story concerning Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. This is the snapshot via Axios:


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson almost resigned over the summer around the time of President Trump’s controversial speech at the Boy Scouts’ Jamboree, according to an NBC News report. Tillerson also reportedly called Trump a “f***ing moron” following a national security meeting at the Pentagon in July, as NBC News’ Stephanie Ruhle told Hugh Hewitt. Tillerson’s spokesman at the State Department flatly denied the report.

The story also says that Vice President Mike Pence prevailed upon Tillerson to not resign. The story is unsourced and the likelihood of it appearing believable will be in direct relationship to how much you detest Trump.

This morning Tillerson called a press conference to deny the story.

I don’t have a transcript, so here are the highlight via Twitter with lots of snark included:



I have to believe that Tillerson did this because he really wants to keep being Secretary of State, the man is too wealthy to need the job.


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