Apparently Jared Kushner's Money Can't Buy Him a Lawyer Who Isn't an Idiot

We’ve covered the exploits of this guy in the past. In early September he convinced Trump lawyer Ty Cobb to update him on the status of the Russia probe. His M.O. is to change the visible name on the email to that of someone the target knows (in the case of Cobb, he used the name of White House social media coordinator Dan Scavino) and engage the target in conversation. His actual email address is visible at mouse-over.


Early this week, the email prankster who goes by the name @SINON_REBORN reached out to Jared Kushner’s lawyer, Abbe Lowell. He pretended to be Kushner and asked for Lowell’s help in dealing with some personal emails that contained embarrassing “adult content.”


As the saying goes, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, then slap my ass and call me Sally.

Yesterday, Lowell, on his own initiative, sent a copy of the letter the Senate Intelligence Committee had sent to Lowell demanding copies of Kushner’s personal email.


What makes this so ironic is that not only was the letter sent to the email prankster, it was not sent to Kushner’s .gov email address.


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