BREAKING. North Korea's Foreign Minister Says Trump Has Declared War (UPDATED)


North Korea’s Foreign Minister, the guy who claimed it was inevitable that North Korean nuclear missiles would hit the United States, is just wrapping up an impromptu press conference in New York City. This is notable for two reasons. First, it is the first time a North Korean diplomat has held a hastily called press conference in the United States. Second, it was originally scheduled for 10am but was pushed back an hour probably due to making sure this was exactly the message Rocket Man wanted to deliver.


This is the announcement:


What does this mean? Probably not much in the way of war but it can probably be taken as a warning that North Korea is going to take some kind of military action against a US or ROK target outside the physical territory of the ROK. Most likely a vessel or aircraft. A limited incursion on the DMZ or North Korean artillery strike into the ROK is not out of the question. Then the issue will be the US response. Will we go tit for tat? Or will we consider it casus belli?

Couple of extra points.


I’d say yes and no. Yes, they’ve said similar things before. No, they’ve never said them in the US. They’ve never threatened US military aircraft. This is clearly Kim aiming a brush back pitch at Trump but I can’t imagine it going unanswered.


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