It Is Back-Patting Time. A Quote From RedState Landed In the New York Times


The back, of course, would be mine.

This was the story: Why Did Houston’s Mayor Tell Residents To Not Evacuate? (VIDEO).

This is the NY Times story: Houston Mayor’s No-Win Dilemma: Whether to Tell Residents to Stay or Go.


This was the quote:

With a life-threatening hurricane now bearing down on Texas, a fundamental issue had become politicized. Liberals criticized Mr. Abbott, arguing that he was coaxing residents to put themselves in harm’s way. On the conservative website Red State, a columnist wrote that the governor’s evacuation call was “sound and measured advice which any responsible public official would have given. But then, you wouldn’t be holding a position of responsibility in Harris County, TX.”

And here is the clip from Amazon’s “Audible” podcast service:

This is another of my media “encounters”

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