Despite Trump-Induced Chaos, GOP Gains Ground in 2018 Senate Contests

Caricature by DonkeyHotey

The Cook Political Report has just released revised estimates for five senate seats up for grabs in 2018.


What is notable about this is that four of the five seats are Democrat held and all four races have drifted to the advantage of the GOP despite the ongoing dumpster fire on the South Lawn. Some of these seats are only going to get more tenuous as the election approaches.


The more detailed report shows that the only GOP seat in jeopardy is that held by Dean Heller.

As they say, one shouldn’t count one’s chickens before they hatch but it seems like those hoping that Donald Trump’s favorability rating drags down GOP candidates may be in for a shock. Quite possibly because no one believes Trump is a GOP president in the first place.


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