One Tweet Proves NYT White House Reporters Don't Know Any More Than You Do

Yesterday, everyone was caught by surprise when Reince Priebus did a re-enactment of the Defenestration of Prague.

At 2:19 pm, Maggie Haberman sent this tweet.


Haberman is a New York Times White House correspondent. She was one of the reporters who interviewed Trump last week (omigod, was it only a week ago?) when he unloaded on Jeff Sessions. She used to be at Politico but her real claim to fame is being named in a Hillary Clinton strategy document as a sycophantic reporter who could be relied upon to “tee up” stories on behalf of the Clinton campaign:


This is the kind of tweet a person sends when they want to emphasize that they are in the know and have a seat at the big kids’s table and the rest of us are peons.

Exactly one and one-half hours later, at 3:49 pm, President Trump sent this:


It is really hard to advertise that you know jack sh** about your beat in a more emphatic way than this. It says that either your sources are crap, or your sources trolled you, or you are just making stuff up to sound important.

When you read stories larded with anonymous sources and people “close to Trump,” just keep in mind the quality of those sources.


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