History Channel Reveals the Secret Alien Nazi Story Behind Washington At Gettysburg

I’ve long since given up on the “History” Channel. My friends, most of whom are, like me, avid amateur historians (one of my friends wrote a multi-page email to the curator of the D-Day Museum detailing the errors in the museum and giving numerous references for each discrepancy) are generally appalled at the fixation with the Third Reich and the promotion of some of the most outlandish theories imaginable (Knights Templar in North America? srsly?) and refer to it as the Myth-tery Channel.


Today, though, the History Channel might have hit a new low even for the dross it broadcasts. July 3 marks the end of the Battle of Gettysburg, and this History Channel commemorated it thusly:


now, when you try to find that tweet you get:


On the one hand if is baffling how George Washington was associated with Gettysburg. Other than this being a military image and we all know that one war is pretty much like another it has nothing to do with Gettysburg. But, on the other hand, it is certainly no more egregious than a lot of the programming that channel runs.


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