Watch Chuck Todd Totally Destroy Bernie Sanders Over His Hypocrisy and FBI Investigation (VIDEO)

Watch Chuck Todd Totally Destroy Bernie Sanders Over His Hypocrisy and FBI Investigation (VIDEO)

As Erick Erickson notes in The Resurgent, Donald Trump is Not Under an FBI Investigation. Bernie Sanders Is. This, of course, refers to Sanders and his wife, Jane, being the subjects of an ongoing FBI investigation into Jane Sanders’s destruction of a small Vermont college for fun and profit (read here | here).

Sanders was a guest on Chuck Todd’s Meet the Press and he ran into a veritable buzz saw of questions about his involvement in what looks like a massive case of fraud:

These are the hard-hitting questions that reduced Sanders to a cringing, incontinent lump of socialist offal:

CHUCK TODD: I want to first address that rhetoric. You tweeted that issue of saying that yes, you thought people would die. And then Senator Orrin Hatch retweeted, he said here, “Let us be clear. This is not trying to be overly dramatic. Thousands of people will die if the Republican healthcare bill becomes law.” Orrin Hatch retweeted you and said, “This brief time when we were not accusing those we disagree with of murder was nice while it lasted.” Any regrets at using the rhetoric you used?

CHUCK TODD: Well, I want to talk about that process, because I think the process here, look, I think Senator Johnson brought up a good point earlier this week, that I asked him about, which you may have heard. Which is this idea that Obamacare passed with a partisan, just with the Democrats, this, if it passes, is only going to pass just with the Republicans. And we know no law ever is sustainable in this town when only one party has a piece of it, when only one party is invested in its success. If another party is invested in its failure–

CHUCK TODD: So I guess my question is, this process has been a mess. Is there any way of fixing this process in next week, stopping it, starting from scratch. If the Republicans say, “We’ll get rid of reconciliation of Democrats come to the table, would you come to the table?”

CHUCK TODD: No, I wasn’t implying it that way. Senator, I understand that. I hear you on that. I’m saying, if there is, if Senator Johnson gets his way, which is he wants to delay this process, delay the vote, and actually have a process, actually have some hearings, it sounds as if he wants that. If Mitch McConnell says, “You know what, I’m giving up reconciliation because trying to do this on a partisan-only vote is damaging overall,” at that point, are you open to some sort of bipartisan compromise?

CHUCK TODD: Let me ask you a little bit about where the Democratic Party is overall. Because you said you want to go there, and that is not necessarily a unified position inside the left umbrella in this country. I say left, because you’re not technically a member of the Democratic party. But why do you think Democrats lost that special election in Georgia last week?

CHUCK TODD: All right. I’m going to leave it there because we’re going to continue that debate after the break. Senator Sanders, thanks for coming on and sharing your views. Appreciate it as always.

Do a thought experiment. Imagine Mike Enzi, the Budget Committee Chairman, being invited onto Meet the Press to talk about healthcare. And Enzi is under investigation by the FBI. Can you imagine Todd, or any other Sunday show host, making their way through a seven-minute interview without even asking about how the investigation will affect their ability to perform their duties? No? Well, neither can anyone else.

This is just one in a long series of examples of how the media doesn’t merely report leftist talking points as news because of their social circle but how they act as the media operation of the Democrat party.

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