Trusted Source in News. CNN Claimed Trump Did Not Visit Scalise in the Hospital

Yesterday President Trump paid an unscheduled visit to the critically wounded House GOP Whip Steve Scalise at Washington MedStar Hospital. This is how CNN’s Jim Acosta reported on the event:


The story is obviously bullsh**. And yet, just like the vanishing bust of Martin Luther King, it was still reported as fact.

Eventually, Acosta deleted this tweet and sent this

Yet you can’t help but notice that his original and very wrong tweet was retweeted nearly 1500 times, with who knows how many RTs of the RT, and his correction received only 118 RTs. Again, a lie travels halfway around the world before Acosta can get his trousers on.

Every time I hear someone claim that the media are actually playing it straight and that Trump is just so bad I throw up a little in my mouth. You don’t have to believe Trump is great, or even competent, to see that the media is acting as a de facto anti-Trump political party. Either that or they are, down to the last intern, more inept, stupid, and corrupt than even the most foaming-at-the-mouth-barking-mad NeverTrump nutter thinks about Trump.