BREAKING. Jeff Sessions Destroys Perfectly Good Conspiracy Theory by Asking to Testify in Public

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Earlier this morning, the odious Chris Coons was on MSNBC where, in this tweet by the second most slappable face on Twitter, he expressed the view that Jeff Sessions, by testifying, was trying to hide his testimony from the public.


That repeated the party line coming out of the Democrats, and dutifully echoed by their allies, that Sessions’ testimony was a scam to keep his testimony secret:

Some members of the Senate Intelligence Committee were surprised by Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s offer to testify before the panel, CNN reported.

A source told the network some senators are worried Sessions is trying to get out of testifying in an open hearing.

“Some members” apparently is a legitimate source these days and no one has yet explained how him giving testimony with a single Democrat in the room was going to result in secret testimony, but whatever. We are past the time when a journalist would ask “wait, how does that work?” They simply take the dictation from the Democrats and move on.

This is “heads I win, tails you lose” at its finest. The Democrats knew that if Sessions testified in closed session where he could give more responsive answers, it would be harder to continue to attack him. They also knew that if they get him in open session they can turn unfounded accusations into questions and continue the attack in that way.


Now Sessions has chosen his poison. Via The Hill:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions will appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee for an open hearing Tuesday, the committee announced Monday.

Sessions requested that the hearing be public, a Justice Department spokesperson said in a statement Monday.

“The Attorney General has requested that this hearing be public. He believes it is important for the American people to hear the truth directly from him and looks forward to answering the committee’s questions tomorrow,” the statement read.

That conspiracy lasted only a matter of hours so maybe the half-life on these things is getting shorter. I also suspect that tomorrow’s testimony is going to reveal just how pathetic the real allegations against Sessions are.



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