Fun Fact About Donald Trump's Approval Rating

It is no secret that any honeymoon that Donald Trump might have had with anyone other than his most ardent fans is pretty much over. Newsweek says:

President Donald Trump is by no means popular—compared with his predecessors, his approval rating has been remarkably low during his time in the White House. But there’s some small solace for the president this week: His approval rating is, at least for the moment, a hair better than where President Bill Clinton stood at the same point in his first term.

Different polling outfits put Trump at varying levels of approval, but the RealClearPolitics average had him at 39.8 percent Tuesday, while the weighted average from FiveThirtyEight had him at exactly 39 percent.


The Huffington Post Pollster boosts him a fraction of a point (btw, when will RCP devote some cash to making their graphics as useful and blog-friendly as HuffPo? Asking for a friend).

This is the untold story:

Not great numbers, but still better than Clinton. On Day 138 of his presidency, just 37.8 percent of Americans approved of the job he was doing, according to FiveThirtyEight.

If you compare where each president stood at this point in the Gallup tracking poll, however, the two are deadlocked. The most recent Gallup survey pegged Trump’s approval at 37 percent, the exact same figure the polling company found for Clinton in early June 1993.

While it is true that Trump has higher negatives, Clinton didn’t have to contend with a #NeverClinton wing of the Democrat party because despite their manifest shortcomings Democrats know that politics is about winning, not taking home the Miss Congeniality trophy.

What does this mean? Nothing. Assuming Trump survives this political catastrophe that makes Watergate pale by comparison AND he decides to run in 2020 and these numbers don’t improve, then would be the time to be concerned. Right now these numbers mean as much for Trump as they meant for Bill Clinton.



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