Washington Post's Fact Checker Retweets Bogus Document About Trump's Israel Visit

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I’ve never been much of a fan of the Washington Post’s alleged Fact Checking operation and its intellectual master, Glenn Kessler. When you compare it to PolitiFact it is a bastion of integrity but by actual standards of truthfulness, Glenn Kessler is a shameless and partisan shill. It was Kessler who rated a Mitt Romney campaign statement as True But False. Kessler routinely falls for any internet scam that involves a non-Democrat, particularly one named Trump.


This is the setup: Before President Trump’s Israel trip an anonymous twitter account, @RogueSNRadvisor, posted this:

The obvious thing is that it is a parody of a contract “rider” that is typically issued for a musician, music group, celebrity, etc., detailing what amenities they expect to have available in their room, on stage, etc. As riders go this is pretty tame, actually. And it is as funny as hell: framed election maps; uncooked bacon; forbidding the microwaves to be plugged in; KFC paper napkins. This is good stuff.

The fun began when Jerusalem Post reporter, Anna Ahronheim, retweeted it:

Who retweets it? Correct. Glenn Kessler.


Kessler wasn’t the only reporter sucked into this swirling maelstrom of #FAIL. In short order reporters from the Jerusalem Post, Business Insider, the Nation, NBC News, the Washington Post, and Mother Jones were all getting in on the act. (Free Beacon has the motherlode.)

The next time you hear one of the Fact Check organizations make a claim, keep this in mind.


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