REPORT. Interviews for FBI Director to Be Held Tomorrow

This is via Politico’s Josh Gerstein whose dishonesty during the Clinton email investigation was boundless:

Top Justice Department officials are scheduled to interview four candidates Saturday to serve as FBI director on a permanent basis, a source familiar with the process told POLITICO Friday night.

The four potential nominees are: acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), former Justice Department Criminal Division Chief Alice Fisher and New York state judge and former U.S. Attorney in Manhattan Michael Garcia.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein are expected to conduct the interviews Saturday afternoon, the source said.


The list is probably accurate as it was undoubtedly leaked to Gerstein from someone around McCabe.

The first thing that strikes you is that this field bears no resemblance to the candidates being touted in the media earlier in the week and those same reports claimed the new FBI director would not be a prosecutor but someone with extensive law enforcement experience.

Candidates in brief.

John Cornyn. Republican senator. District Judge, Texas Supreme Court justice, and Texas AG.

Alice Fisher. Republican. Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division under George Bush. Currently in private practice.

Michael Garcia. Republican. Currently associate justice on New York’s Court of Appeals (equivalent of the supreme court in the United States). Former US Attorney for Southern District of New York. Lead the ethics investigation of the FIFA scandal.

Andrew McCabe. Democrat. Democrat. Married to Democrat who took $700K in Clinton cash. Did not recuse himself from Clinton investigation. Did I mention he’s a Democrat?

If these are the four candidates, Fisher, in my opinion, would have the greatest difficulty. Her experience is spotty. She had trouble in her first confirmation hearing because she was involved with interrogation policy at Guantanamo and because she had never tried a criminal case.


The two strongest candidates, in my opinion, are McCabe, because the Democrats would vote for him, and Garcia. Garcia has served in numerous sub-cabinet positons, been an AUSA and USA, plus Garcia’s leading the ethics investigation of FIFA and resigning in protest when it was ignored, I think, would win over skeptical Democrats.

I can’t imagine putting Cornyn in charge of my riding lawnmower much less the FBI.


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