Former Obama Homeland Security Adviser Cheers on Genocide of Egyptian Copts

A man holds his mobile phone as he looks at damage inside the St. George's Church after a suicide bombing, in the Nile Delta town of Tanta, Egypt, Sunday, April 9, 2017. Bombs exploded at two Coptic churches in the northern Egyptian cities of Tanta and Alexandria as worshippers were celebrating Palm Sunday, killing over 40 people and wounding scores more in assaults claimed by the Islamic State group. (AP Photo/Nariman El-Mofty)

As the Palm Sunday bombing of two Coptic churches in Egypt demonstrated, even in the least oppressive Muslim nations, native Christian populations are under a great deal of pressure. It is a difficult problem as the Papacy is terrified of angering Muslim governments by criticizing the discrimination against and abuse of Middle Eastern Christian communities thereby making the situation worse, and Western governments have little to no interest in intervening in domestic pogroms when they perceive they have bigger fish to fry.


While relations between the Copts and Mubarak were never really great, they cratered when the Muslim Brotherhood gained control after the Hillary Clinton inspired Arab Spring. The Copts were supporters of the coup that installed El-Sisi but now they are seeing their plight is not improving.

Now one of the Muslim Fifth Columnists Barack Obama salted throughout the law enforcement and domestic security agencies has weighed in on the subject.

In case you were wondering, the word “Subhanallah” translates as “praise God.”

Mohamed Elbiary, to put it mildly, was a guy who should never have been allowed into the Homeland Security building much less made a member of the advisory council and given access to sensitive information:

A Department of Homeland Security (DHS) adviser long engulfed in controversy over his radical views was let go from his role in the department last week after a long fight by lawmakers and others to revoke the individual’s privileges at DHS.

Mohamed Elibiary was until last week a senior member of DHS’ Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC). After years of controversy about his status at DHS, Elibiary announced his final day with the department on Twitter earlier this month and said he would remain close to the agency.

Media outlets have raised questions about the circumstances surrounding his departure, speculating that his provocative comments about the “inevitable” return of the Muslim “caliphate” may have played a role.

New documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon indicate that Elibiary had no choice in the matter, and that he may have been let go by DHS in order to minimize the fallout from an investigation into allegations that he improperly accessed and used classified materials obtained with his security clearance.


He is the author or this bit of wisdom:

An opinion which is very much in keeping with his thoughts on the sweet karma being inflicted upon the Copts.


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