PolitiFact's John Kerry Fact Checking Blunder Shows the Danger of the #FakeNews Hysteria

PolitiFact, funded by numerous leftwing foundations, is an organization dedicated to whitewashing Democrats and damaging Republicans under the guise of “fact checking” and awarding a grade based on the degree to which the statement comports with current progressive and Democrat talking points. The basic rule is that anything a Democrat says is true. “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor” was rated “mostly true.”


In 2013, Obama had established his “red line” in Syria which turned out to be nothing more than bluster. As it did with every perceived success, the administration dispatched dupes and shills to extoll the success of the “red line” as sure as Soviet commissars praised the success of the current Five Year Plan.


This week, the Syrian government launched a chemical attack against a population center inside opposition-held territory. That, obviously, means one of two things. Either the chemical attack did not take place or PolitiFact was shilling for the administration.

PolitiFact has updated their rating.

This does not validate PolitiFact, rather it damns them. First, there was never any independent means of verifying the claim that Syria had relinquished chemical weapons. So the best PolitiFact could fact check was whether Kerry actually believed what he was saying. Which is absurd.

I’m not sure anyone believed that nonsense at the time and am even less sure about how this so-called “fact check” differs from the supposed “fake news” we’re all supposed to be in hysterics about. At least “fake news” doesn’t carry the imprimatur of alleged credibility with it and, more to the point, in today’s environment any Facebook item that claimed in 2014 that Syria had lied about compliance would be flagged as fake based on PolitiFact’s finding.


Yes, that happens. Facebook does that. See below example, via Truth Revolt:


See that “disputed” warning? Straight from Facebook.

So Politifact’s incorrect rating can be used to label other, correct stories as fake news. That’s just great.


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