HAHAHA. Did CNN Just Quote Susan Rice's Husband to Knock Down the Story of Her Misconduct?

U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice arrives with Ian Cameron for a State Dinner hosted by President Barack Obama for Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at the White House in Washington, Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2009. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

As I noted earlier, Susan Rice has been under the microscope today… an experience I dearly hope continues for her… over allegations that she engaged in a nearly wholesale unmasking of US persons who were swept up in “incidental” surveillance by intelligence agencies and who were also affiliated with the Trump campaign. Though probably not illegal, as it has been described, carrying out surveillance of members of an incoming administration and widely distributing the product of that surveillance with the names exposed is not part of the American political tradition.


Now comes the weakest sauce refutation in the history of weak sauce refutations:


To quote someone really famous, it is SAD!! when you trot out the person’s husband as a character reference. It pretty much says that no one else has anything good to say and given Rice’s estrangement from the truth that isn’t hard to believe.


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