Clinton Campaign Leeches Have A Sad Over FBI Director Comey's Testimony

Members of the media are happy today because they can claim that Donald Trump is under investigation by the FBI but members of the Worst Campaign In HistoryTM are retiring to the fainting couch to commiserate over the unfairness of it all.


Noting that Comey acknowledged receiving Department of Justice approval to publicly reveal his agency’s investigation into potential collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia, Clinton’s former press secretary Brian Fallon tweeted, “An approval he did not care to obtain in Clinton’s case.”

Fallon — who was a former senior official in the Justice Department under Attorney General Eric Holder — joined other former Clinton aides in also grumbling about the revelation that the FBI was investigating the Trump campaign as of late July, but that Comey didn’t disclose it until now.

“Russia probe that Comey confirmed was, as best we can tell, in effect before Nov. 8,” he wrote, referring to Election Day. “Fair to ask why he didn’t think voters deserved to know.”

Hillary’s longtime mouthpiece Philippe Reines (say this while imagining you are Peter Sellers playing Inspector Clouseau) also weighed in:

“Doing some jobs right requires being in the news everyday, becoming a household name, enraging everyone,” wrote longtime Clinton aide Philippe Reines, who played Trump during her debate prep, tapping into Democrats’ pool of anger with Comey. “FBI Director isn’t one of them.”

I’m not a Comey fan but this is the type of stupid and irrational decision making that cost Clinton the election. For instance, the FBI did announce in July 2016 that it was investigating the hacking of the DNC servers. They also said they suspected Russia. It was reported in August that Paul Manafort was fired because of an FBI investigation. As of today we know there was a counterintelligence investigation underway but announcing that would have been a suboptimal act by the FBI unless they were trying to kill the investigation.


By the time the election took place, the airwaves were full of allegations of Trump’s ties to Russia. The Clinton campaign even ran an ad starting in August claiming Trump was an agent of Putin.

What Fallon seems to be demanding is that Comey do what most of the rest of the intelligence community did, which is agree to become a weaponized arm of the Democrat party. Fallon also loses sight of the fact that it was widely reported that the Clinton email investigation got a new lease on life with the Huma Abedin-Anthony Weiner kiddie porn investigation. If Comey hadn’t made an announcement, Fallon would be bitching about that.

This is just sour grapes. The Clinton people just can’t admit to themselves that their candidate was so bad and they were so inept that they lost to the ramshackle campaign Donald Trump put together. They have to blame someone. If it wasn’t Comey it would be someone else.


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