USDA Threatened To Shut Down This Meat Packer Because He Opposed Gay Marriage

USDA inspectors work at the Cargill meat packing plant in Schuyler, Neb., Tuesday, July 8, 2008.(AP Photo/Nati Harnik)

Most of us know that meat packing plants have inspectors. Fewer know that these are actually federal employees. (Full disclosure, I once dated a former federal meat inspector– there I said it) These inspectors, particularly if they are agenda-driven, SJW toads, actually have the power of live-and-death over meat packing plants. If they decide to shut you down, they have the ability to do that by simply ceasing to work. That is the situation that confronted the West Michigan Beef Company.


The West Michigan Beef Company is a small business owned by Donald and Ellen Vander Boon. In 2015, as the assault on actual marriage continued apace by the Kennedy Court, Donald Vander Boon left a tract on the table in the company break room defending traditional, i.e. real marriage. The Daily Signal takes it from here:

In 2015, Dr. Ryan Lundquist, the USDA site inspector for West Michigan Beef Company, found a religious tract about marriage that Donald Vander Boon placed on the break room table of the family-owned business, according to a press release from Alliance Defending Freedom.

Lundquist took the article and reported it to Robert Becker, the USDA frontline supervisor, and Lundquist and Becker held a meeting with Vander Boon, “at which Becker threatened three times to remove USDA inspectors if Vander Boon didn’t agree to refrain from placing the article in the break room,” according to Alliance Defending Freedom.

Karnail S. Mudahar, USDA deputy district manager, said Vander Boon violated a new “anti-harassment” policy that forbids written or spoken communications that USDA executives determine to be “disrespectful” or “insult[ing]” in regards to sexual orientation.

The policy in question reads:


The policy doesn’t govern plant operations but it does come into play if the federal employees at the Vander Boon business feel offended.


Under this policy, virtually anything you say can be construed as a violation. Especially opinions on moral degeneracy that run in opposition to the zeitgeist. And if the federal inspectors feel offended, they can walk off the premises and bring your business to a screeching halt. Arguably, this policy would prevent Vander Boon from displaying literature that advocated for a smaller government as it might entail “negative stereotyping” of federal employees.

President Trump is rumored to have a religious freedom executive order under consideration. This kind of idiocy, which works directly against the pluralistic founding principles of America, would be forbidden if the First Amendment still had any meaning.


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