Homeland Security: At Least 300 Refugees Currently Under Counter-Terrorism Investigation

As President Trump announced he new and improved travel restrictions for terrorists, Homeland Security was briefing members of Congress on a related subject:

The FBI is investigating 300 people who were admitted into the United States as refugees as part of 1,000 counterterrorism investigations involving Islamic State or individuals inspired by the militant group, congressional sources told Reuters on Monday, citing senior administration officials.

There is no doubt whatsoever that Trump’s last travel ban, as incompetently as it was rolled out, was completely legal because no one, anywhere, has the right to travel to the United States. The court decisions, both in Washington State and in 9th Circuit were both exercises in personal pique where judges went far outside the realm of the law to overturn an order they didn’t like. Like that one, this one will also be challenged and the same cast of clowns will end up involved. Hopefully by the time it arrives at the Supreme Court we have nine Justices and are no longer governed by the effect Anthony Kennedy’s bowel movements upon his judgment.