Virginia Governor Vetoes Bill Requiring Investigation When Registered Voters Outnumber Voters

Yep. You read that headline right.

There are eight Virginia counties that have more voters on the rolls than there are actual eligible voters in the county. There is no process for reducing the rolls because we wouldn’t want to risk free and fair elections when we can pad the rolls with illegals and dead folks. The Virginia legislature passed a bill that should have been non-controversial, it required county registrars to validate the voter rolls whenever the number of registered voters exceeded the number of eligible voters. But Clinton bag man and Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe decided that a little fraud was just fine.


Democratic Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe vetoed a bill that would require investigations of jurisdictions in the state whose voter rolls contain more registered voters than citizens who are eligible to vote.

The bill, first introduced by Republican state Sen. Mark D. Obenshain, was prompted by a report that shed light on eight Virginia counties that had more registered voters on their voter rolls than eligible voters.

“By requiring 133 individual general registrars to conduct an investigation of voters under undefined standards, this bill raises serious constitutional questions,” McAuliffe said in a statement. “It could expose eligible and properly registered Virginians to the risk of improper disenfranchisement.”

The state board of elections, led by McAuliffe appointees, in 2015 considered changing Virginia’s voter registration form to make questions about U.S. citizenship and felon status optional.

McAuliffe vetoed a bill last year that would have required registrars to deny applicants who omitted biographical information about themselves, such as their age, on their voter forms.

While I think Trump’s statements about the magnitude of illegal voting in the United States is off target, and I would contend that vote fraud is aimed at local elections rather than at statewide races simply because it is easier to hide local votes and you get more a bang for your buck, I think he’s entirely correct that vote fraud is an issue. We know that in many precincts in Detroit, for instance, that votes could not be recounted because more votes were cast than there were ballots issue. Everyone was so exercised about the Russians allegedly interjecting “fake news” into the 2016 election for fear it would destroy the faith of voters in the system and yet the same clowns are studiously silent about the provable epidemic of vote fraud.



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