Why Did the New York Times Deliberately Misquote Donald Trump's CPAC Speech?

This is getting tiresome and the only reason I persist is because there is a non-trivial number of conservatives out there who refuse to believe that the news media is reading, willing and able to manufacture news out of whole cloth if it could possibly hurt Trump or his administration. I am not talking about harmless mistakes. I am talking about stories that are false down to the last jot and tittle. For instance, the famous disappearing bust of Martin Luther King, Jr. The mass resignation of State Department officials. The midnight drafting of Trump’s executive order on terrorist travel by Steve Bannon and Steve Miller. The confrontation between John Kelly and Steve Bannon.


At CPAC Trump gave a speech that included this applause line (the transcript is via TIME):

We get the drugs, they get the money. We get the problems, they get the cash. No good. No good. Going to stop. By stopping the flow of illegal immigration, we will save countless tax dollars (ph), and that’s so important because the tax — the dollars we’re losing are beyond anything that you can imagine. And the tax dollars that can be used to rebuild struggling American communities, including our inner cities.
We are also going to save countless American lives. As we speak today, immigration offers are finding the gang members, the drug dealers and the criminal aliens and throwing them the hell out of our country.

Naturally, it was covered by the New York Time under the headline Trump’s Blistering Speech at CPAC Follows Bannon’s Blueprint. The article is by former Politico writer Glenn Thrush. That is the same Glenn Thrush who used to send advance copy of his stories to John Podesta for comment.

Speaking to the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday, Mr. Trump launched what was easily the most blistering attack on the media and corporate elites of his already bellicose and eventful presidency. His speech also included a promise to throw undocumented immigrants “the hell out of the country” [italics mine] and a recitation of his law-and-order campaign promises. It represented a not-entirely friendly takeover of CPAC, an establishment Republican group whose leadership once viewed the party’s surprise standard-bearer as a noisy interloper.


This is not a faithful and honest rendering of the speech either in words or in concept.

Trump is clearly referring to “gang members, the drug dealers and the criminal aliens.” They NYT takes the line and makes it apply to “undocumented immigrants.” Now, admittedly, the people Trump was talking about was a subset of “undocumented immigrants” but it is subset that virtually everyone except some Democrat ward heeler would be in favor of booting.

This is not a mistake. This is agitprop. This is simply fiction designed to hurt Trump. And by doing so, the New York Times forfeits its right to claim that it is owed any respect as part of an independent media and reveals itself as simply the house organ for the Democrat party.


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