CAUGHT. Democrat Operative Brags About Astroturfing Tim Scott And Tom Cotton Town Halls

Well, this is certainly embarrassing.

GOP congressmen and senators are being confronted by hostile crowds at town halls. In one case, California Congressman Tom McClintock was forced to use a police escort to ensure his safe departure from a town hall event. Over the week end SC Senator Tim Scott and Congressman Mark Sanford held a join town hall in which they were booed. Tom Cotton is trying to schedule a town hall but the potential crowd size keeps growing and causing the venue to change.


The Democrats and their Junior League, the media, have been claiming this represents the growth of a progressive Tea Party movement. The truth, like most anything else dealing with Democrats, involves duplicity and lots of foundation money.

Yesterday, John Noonan was on the Acela. John is a former Air Force missile launch officer, back during the Iraq War he was a rock-solid milblogger with whom I collaborated from time to time. He now works for Senator Cotton. While on the train he overheard a conversation that explains what is going on. The person talking was long time Democrat operative Adrienne Elrod who was Clinton’s “quick response” spokesperson during Clinton’s last and most humiliating campaign.


This reflects what most of us have long suspected. These protests at town halls are contrived and carried out on the same pay-to-protest basis as a typical SEIU protest. GOP members of congress need to recognize what they are dealing with and give it the weight it deserves.


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