EPIC VIDEO. Death Row Escape Underway In Brooklyn (UPDATED)

Just wanted to take a short break from politics.

A rogue cow running through Queens drew a huge law enforcement response Tuesday as it ducked under caution tape and sidestepped police officers in a desperate effort to evade capture.

Initial details as to where the cow came from and how it got loose were not available, but police cornered the animal in Jamaica before noon after getting reports of sightings in various neighborhoods over the course of the morning.

Photos on social media showed a large bovine wandering around, looking for all the world like it belonged in the borough.

Live video from Chopper 4 showed the cow penned between two houses at one point as authorities attempted to wrangle it. Chopper footage then captured the animal outmaneuver law enforcement, dodging an officer who had jumped atop an emergency response vehicle and ducking under yellow caution tape as it galloped down the middle of a street and onto a sidewalk.

Words can’t do this justice:









And the tragic conclusion