BREAKING. Rent-A-Mob Physically Blocks Betsy DeVos From Entering A DC Public School (VIDEO)

BREAKING. Rent-A-Mob Physically Blocks Betsy DeVos From Entering A DC Public School (VIDEO)

Secretary of Education Bety DeVos was scheduled to visit the District of Columbia’s Jefferson Middle School this morning but her visit was initially blocked by protesters.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was greeted with protesters when she tried to enter a Washington middle school on Friday morning.

A video from the scene shows DeVos walking away from one entrance of Jefferson Middle School after being physically blocked from the entrance. One protester stood in front of the stairway entrance in the school, and DeVos walked back to her vehicle.

“Keep giving money to senators and buying your way to the position,” one protestor holding a Black Lives Matter sign says to her, according to a video from ABC reporter Sam Sweeney. “I hope you’re proud of yourself.”

“Go back,” the protestor yells and she enters the car. “Shame! Shame! Shame!”

DeVos was reportedly able to eventually enter the school.

And this

The protest group was made up of union members, participants in the Black Lives Matter movement and a few parents.

Actually, if you’ve ever been inside a DC public school (yes, yes, I have been in quite a few of them, I actually worked for a public relations company with a very sweet DCPS contract… explaining various assualts, shootings, and stabbings in DC public schools) you would breathe a sigh of relief that DeVos is still alive but that is a different story.

Now ask yourself, Mister and Mistress DC Public Schools Bureaucrat. Why would Secretary DeVos ever give you the time of day much less listen to your point of view?

This is one of the things the left does that makes you want to burn their crap down, salt the earth, mix it with gasoline and turn it into an enema for them. If DeVos is arriving at Education with the thought in her mind that the teachers unions and government educrats and their lackeys are vicious, spiteful, gits who could give a f*** about kids so long as their check clears, it would seem to me that the correct strategy is to be able to say, no, that was the Detroit teachers. Real humans aren’t like that. But when you do this you are simply reinforcing an image quite a few Americans have of public education and its supporters and it makes you less inclined to listen to them.

[Update from Caleb] Remember this today: They tried to stop Betsy Devos, but #ShePersisted.

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