Trump's Attack On Chris Cuomo Misfires

To say Trump is exercised over the statements made by his Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, is probably an understatement. But he’s pretty much locked into Gorsuch’s nomination at this point and so he’s striking at anyone vaguely associated with repeating Gorsuch’s statement. His primary target has been the original purveryor, Senator Richard Blumenthal.


Blumenthal gained some notoriety for claiming during his senatorial campaign that he was a Marine Vietnam veteran when, in fact, he was briefly in a Marine Reserve unit after having burned through five draft deferments. In most places in the nation, riding draft deferments and then claiming to be a combat veteran would disqualify you from office. In New England, however, it elicits a yawn and a reflexive vote in your favor if you are a Democrat.

Last night, Blumenthal was on Chris Cuomo’s show and he was asked about the Gorsuch comments. You can guess what happened next:

One problem, Cuomo did ask Blumenthal about his living a lie for years.


And even if we agree that Cuomo is an untrustworthy little crapweasel (or sh**-gibbon, if you will) we should also be able to agree that Blumenthal’s credibility is not the issue as there are multiple sources confirming Gorsuch’s statement.

While this rapid fire Twitter attack will work in the short run, and right now Trump’s attacks are muddying the waters about the import of Gorsuch’s statement and are probably seen as a good thing by the White House, there will be a long term price to be paid as people start tuning out his Twitter blasts. Though I have to admit that Trump is doing miracles for making blogging great again, it would be refreshing if he just slowed down a bit and made sure his attacks did something more productive than shoot himself in the foot.


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