Why Is Neil DeGrasse Tyson A Moron

One of the hilarious things about watching the left in action is that it will believe virtually anything so long as the right person tells them it is so.* Back when I first started this RedState gig, in 2004 during the hottest part of the Iraq War, lefties who frequented this site would throw out “Well, Kevin Drum says [fill in your favorite bullsh** meme about Iraq here] or “Juan Cole says [fill in your favorite anti-Semitic trope here]” as though it meant something more that admitting they were incapable of reason on their own. The same goes for science… you know, that field the left believes it really loves. You find non-scientist and genuinely creepy Bill Nye being quoted non-ironically. But the favorite is serial fabulist and pop science impressario Neil DeGrasse Tyson. (We’ve covered his exploits previously in these link-filled posts here | here | here.)


DeGrasse Tyson is one of those guys who thinks because he has a high public profile and academic credentials that he is suddenly smart about everything. This, keep in mind, is the guy who applauded Pope Francis for mentioning the Big Bang Theory

All the while he was cluelessly unaware that the originator of the Big Bang Theory was Georges Lemaître, a Roman Catholic priest.

So now we have his newest brain-fart which has totally amazed the left:

Where to even begin. How about the device you’re reading this post on. It really didn’t exist in 1972. It certainly didn’t exist in a form that you could carry in your pocket and which would be within the financial reach of Third World peasants. Check your life expectancy. Infant mortality rate. If you have to look to outer space for a metric of human progress, how about the Hubble space telescope and the international space station? How about Mars Exploration Rover?

Autonomous vehicles? Regeneration of organs? Is deGrasse Tyson aware that any of this took place?


The pace of technological advance in the past 45 years has outstripped the technological advances of all of human history. And yet this great flaming mass of public intellectual FAIL doesn’t see any great change.


*During this past election it also became abundantly clear that we had more than a few of these on our side, too.


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