Paul Krugman Is Proven A Shameless Shill In A Single Tweet

Paul Krugman is one of those curious folks, generally found in climate change circles, who have solid credentials but who are so ethically warped and morally challenged that they will change their opinion and research to prove whatever point their favored political party or personage is saying. If, for instance, Barack Obama woke up one morning, vigorously scratched his ass and proclaimed that climate change was bunk, you can bet by noon, Michael Mann, the alleged Jerry Sandusky of Climate Change, would have disavowed the Hockey Stick and would be claiming he had always said global warming was horsesh** and it was Mark Steyn who was pushing the theory.


Back to Krugman.

On Monday his column was titled “Deficits Matter Again.” The reason was predictions about how the “Trump-Putin,” as he terms it, administration would act. Does this sound strange? Well, it should:

Irony is a cruel mistress.

We’re seeing this on all fronts. The “security experts” who yawned when China hacked the OPM and stole the records, including security clearance background investigations, of some 22 million federal employees are demanding that Trump DO SOMETHING about Russia hacking the DNC’s email. The DNC isn’t even an federal agency. The people who kowtowed to Iran will soon be demanding tough action to keep Iran from getting the nuke Obama basically gifted them. Homelessness will increase. Suddenly U6 unemployment and historically low labor participation rates will be a problem that must be dealt with. That falling US life expectancy that the media ignored? It is a health care crisis.


And the good news for the left is that the universities are chock to the gills with assclowns like Krugman who will happily whore themselves in return for invitations to the right parties.


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