SJWs Attack Betsy DeVos Because She Opposes Kangaroo Courts

SJWs Attack Betsy DeVos Because She Opposes Kangaroo Courts
President-elect Donald Trump calls out to the media as he and Betsy DeVos pose for photographs at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster clubhouse in Bedminster, N.J., Saturday, Nov. 19, 2016. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

One on the grotesque lies foisted upon the public by Barack Obama’s Department of Education is that there is an “epidemic” of sexual assault on campus. These numbers are bogus and made up out of whole cloth. Obama’s Education Department has not only embraced the statistics, it has required virtually every college and university in the nation to also embrace them.

Under this pretext they have required educational institutions to constitute what can only be described as Kafka-esque Star Chamber proceedings where the accused isn’t allowed representation, or access to the allegation, or allowed to confront their accuser and they can be adjudged guilty of sexual assault and expelled on virtually non-existent evidence.

Sexual assault is a serious matter and a felony. It shouldn’t be in the hands of the nitwits in the educational bureaucracy who must find and prosecute sexual assaults in order to justify their existences.

The manhating SJWs behind this travesty have now taken aim and Betsy DeVos because she apparently does not believe that the Constitution is voided when you matriculate.

Republican megadonor Betsy DeVos has given thousands of dollars to an advocacy group that is seeking to overturn an Obama administration policy that made it easier to discipline college students accused of sexual harassment or assault.

The donations, totaling $10,000, by Donald Trump’s Education secretary pick have prompted criticism from Democrats and women’s groups in the run-up to her confirmation hearing Wednesday.

DeVos has not spoken publicly about the Education Department’s aggressive approach to campus sexual assault, but women’s groups and Democrats say her donations to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education send a troubling signal. FIRE has sued the administration to raise the standard of proof for victims of sexual assault in university administrative hearings contending it is unfair to the accused.

The donations are “a red flag,” said Lisa Maatz, the top policy adviser at the American Association of University Women, which advocates for strict enforcement of Title IX, the federal law that governs sex discrimination, harassment and sexual assault on college campuses. “In the absence of an actual record … I think these kinds of donations take on even greater importance, because we have to rely on her contributions to inform us on particular issues.”

FIRE is a wonderful group. If you have a child in college you should be sending them money. They have carried on a lonely fight against the one institution in the nation which has a blatant hostility for the First Amendment: our universities. They have sued over infringements of free speech and — HORROR — they have defended young men who have had their names slandered and their academic progress damaged by the hirsute harpies of the Title IX mafia.

On its website, FIRE says its mission is “to defend and sustain individual rights at America’s colleges and universities. These rights include freedom of speech, legal equality, due process, religious liberty, and sanctity of conscience — the essential qualities of individual liberty and dignity.”

Regarding the money it received from DeVos, FIRE said in a statement that “protecting civil liberties on campus is not, and must not become, a partisan issue.”

“The basic protections for which FIRE argues — the right to the active participation of counsel; the right to see the evidence in one’s case and to meaningfully question witnesses; and the right to an impartial tribunal, among others — benefit all parties and do not impede the pursuit of justice,” the group said. “Outside of the campus context, nobody would argue that reducing due process protections, including the burden of proof, is necessary to secure a just outcome.”

DeVos is going to be confirmed. My fondest dream is that these rabid SJWs are so vile and offensive (that’s a safe bet if there ever was one) in their attacks on her that she will go after them and tear them out, root and branch.

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