GAME CHANGER. NYT Reporter Releases Information That Could Kill Jeff Sessions' Nomination

Sheriff Bell (TOMMY LEE JONES) Director: Joel & Ethan COEN

What can I say?

Clickbaiters are gonna write clickbait. It is our nature. In addition to basic whoring for clicks…

Okay, tomorrow Jeff Sessions begins his confirmation hearing. What we heard yesterday, which still hasn’t been verified, is that Chuck Grassley has basically capitulated to the SJWs and is permitting a special panel to investigate off hand remarks that Sessions may or may not have made 40 years ago — the remarks were never substantiated beyond a single person claiming to have heard them even during his failed confirmation hearing for a federal judgship — and other sins Sessions has committed against minorities because Alabama is all racist rednecks.

Now NYT reporter Julia Ioffe has done the deep dig and has come up with killer information that should, in the view of decent people of any political persuasion, disqualify Sessions from any position is public life.

Yep. In 1985, Jeff Sessions’ 72 year old father said he believed in racial segregation. The bastard.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is batsh** crazy. This is lunacy. This chick isn’t trolling us, she really thinks her find is significant and relevant.