SHOCK REPORT: Palestinians Celebrate Terror Attack In Jerusalem (VIDEO)

A rabid Islamist terrorist used a truck to kill four Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem in apparent response to Obama’s craven abandonment of Israel at the UN.


This is the sort of brutal and senseless act that for over a decade we’ve come to associate with Islam in general and the Palestinian death cult in particular. Within a normal, healthy society, or even a completely marginal society still deserving of the word “human,” this would have been a time to stop and think about what happened and what it accomplished. Four young Israelis are dead. So is the animal that drove the truck. Israel will retaliate by making life harder for the dozen or so Palestinians who just want to make a better life for the children. But for the vast majority of Palestinians this is the reality:

And this touching scene, via the Facebook page of the Palestinian outlet,, of Palestinians handing out sweets to celebrate the murder of these young Israelis:

A people this evil and degraded completely deserve whatever evil befalls them.



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