Obama's UN Vote Against Israel Begins To Pay Big Dividends (VIDEO)

Obama's UN Vote Against Israel Begins To Pay Big Dividends (VIDEO)

To read the coverage this morning you’d think that one of Uber’s autonomous vehicles was on a rampage in Jerusalem earlier today:


But is wasn’t a truck driving into the crowd, it was actually a Islamic terrorist, and not just any Islamic terrorist, a Palestinian Islamic terrorist.

To put this in context, 10 innocent people were killed in all of 2016 in terror attacks in Israel.

This is not one of the multitude of random attacks carried out nearly daily by Palestinian terrorists on people living in and traveling to Israel.


If you want to see what the Palestinian terrorists are saying about the UN resolution to their own people, take this as a for instance:

The head of the political bureau of the Movement “Hamas,” Khaled Meshaal, the UN Security Council resolution condemning the settlements “an important and influential as the rehabilitation of our people step.”

Meshaal said in a speech during the effectiveness of organized “YEDİHİLAL” institution in the Turkish city of Istanbul on Sunday, said that the support of condemnation of the settlement by 14 state decision “to straighten some American and international policies.”

He added: “We want our land without occupation and Jerusalem as the capital, and we want the world to stand with the Palestinian resistance because it is fair.”

He also called for “further steps attitudes and support for the Palestinian cause and work to end the Israeli occupation.”

In the meantime, the new head of the political bureau for “Hamas”, confirmed that armed resistance is the way of the liberation of Palestine and Jerusalem, stressing that the Palestinian armed factions “will not give up its weapons.”

He stressed that “any project that does not return us to Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa will not accept it and unacceptable for us, no alternative to resistance to regain ground, and resistance of our people provided a unique model, not like those who have distorted Islam.”

He pointed out that “Israel launches successive wars in the Gaza Strip in an attempt to root out the resistance of them, which defeated the occupier in past wars,” pointing out that the resistance “has succeeded in hitting Tel Aviv.”

“The resistance of the Palestinian people has provided a unique model, and in the Gaza elite resistance defeated an elite occupation,” following up “resistance in Gaza manufactured and smuggled weapons and prepare its men to confront the occupation and will not give up until it achieve its goal.

When the US allowed that UN resolution to pass, a resolution that condemns Israel for building housing in Jerusalem which is 100% Israeli territory, it was a clear sign to the Palestinians that they were free to return to their preferred negotiating techniques of violence and intransigence.

Nicely played, Obama. But leaving office as a terrorist enabler only means he left the same way he entered.

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