BREAKING. The German Police Discover A Strange Fact About the Berlin Truck Attack Driver

Firefighters walk past ambulances after a truck ran into a crowded Christmas market and killed several people in Berlin, Germany, Monday, Dec. 19, 2016. (AP Photo/Michael Sohn)

A few hours ago, John Schindler who writes at 20 Committee (follow him on Twitter @20Committee) made this observation:


Right on cue, we have a tentative ID on the driver:

This tweet says he’s either Afghan or Pakistani but the Washington Times says he is definitively Paksitani:

German authorities began early Tuesday to sketch a politically explosive portrait of the man arrested in the Berlin Christmas-market attack.

According to a report in the German newspaper Die Welt, translated with computer assistance by the Washington Times, the suspect is a newly-arrived Pakistani refugee.

(I’m assuming the “computer assistance” is Google Translate.)

And the “dead passenger” the police were reported to have retrieved from the truck?

It looks like the truck was hijacked, the driver killed, and then the truck with the Pakistani driver made the attack. That says there is a well-developed network involved and that Germany should brace itself for follow on attacks.


What is it going to take to teach us that we are nuts for allowing immigration or refugees from nations that are infested to their eyebrows with terrorism unless we are admitting Christian and other religious minorities who do not adhere to the pernicious doctrine of jihad.


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