BREAKING. Trump Taps Mick Mulvaney To Be Director Of OMB

It doesn’t get much better than this.

Mulvaney is a rock solid conservative, a co-founder of the House Freedom Caucus, and a guy who has “the rent is just too damn high,” or words to that effect.


Mulvaney, 49, was elected to Congress in 2010 in the wave that brought a cohort of younger, staunchly conservative members into the House. Mulvaney quickly staked out ground as one of Congress’s most outspoken fiscal hawks — playing a key role in the 2011 showdown between President Obama and House Republicans that ended in the passage of strict budget caps.

He has been an advocate for spending cuts, often taking on his own party to push for more aggressive curbs to government spending.

e has broken with members of his own party at times, particularly around defense spending issues. Mulvaney has been a fierce critic of the use of a separate war funding stream known as overseas contingency operations, a budgetary maneuver used to skirt spending caps to fund military and anti-terror operations abroad. Mulvaney has allied himself with Democrats at times to try to force defense spending cuts.

Mulvaney is also an advocate of a balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution.

Mulvaney has spent the past few years learning Spanish and has been one of just a handful of GOP lawmakers able to appear on Spanish-language television programs to explain and defend Republican policies.


One of his first battles is going to be with they guy who just appointed him. It is hard to see how Trump’s vision for a major public works program focused on repairing our infrastructure is going to fit into what Trump is now framing as an era of austerity and fiscal responsibility.


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