France Decides Women Are Not Killing Enough Babies And Makes Pro-Life Speech Against the Law

France Decides Women Are Not Killing Enough Babies And Makes Pro-Life Speech Against the Law

France, once an allegedly Catholic and Christian nation, has descending into illiberal paganism in its slavish devotion to infanticide.

Back on World Downs Syndrome Day, a pro-life group called Witness France produced a commercial called Dear Future Mom:

Via The Wall Street Journal

Abortion is legal in most of Europe, but its proponents are bent on suppressing efforts to change the minds of mothers considering it. Witness France’s ban on a television commercial showing happy children with Down Syndrome (DS).

Produced to commemorate World Down Syndrome Day, the commercial showed several cheerful children with DS addressing a mother considering abortion. “Dear future mom,” says one, “don’t be afraid.” “Your child will be able to do many things,” says another. “He’ll be able to hug you.” “He’ll be able to run toward you.” “He’ll be able to speak and tell you he loves you.”

France’s High Audiovisual Council removed the commercial from air earlier this year, and in November the Council of State, the country’s highest administrative court, upheld the ban, since the clip could “disturb the conscience” of French women who had aborted DS fetuses.

Advocates say the move hampers efforts to reverse the high rate of DS terminations. Ninety-six percent of DS pregnancies are terminated in France, according to the pro-life Jerome Lejeune Foundation, which sought to overturn the ban. Setting aside the abortion politics, the Council’s reasoning is so broad that potentially any TV advocacy could be chilled. File this under the illiberalism of self-proclaimed liberals.

That was merely a foreshadowing. Now it is essentially illegal to speak out against abortion in France

The socialist government of France passed a bill after one day’s debate that criminalizes websites that might dissuade women from abortion.

The “digital interference” bill is aimed at cracking down on French websites that would, in the words of the bill, “deliberately mislead, intimidate and/or exert psychological or moral pressure to discourage recourse to abortion.”

Convicted website owners could face two years in prison and fines up to 30,000 euros ($31,799 USD).

The crime of “obstructing” the functioning of an abortion clinic was first adopted by the Neiertz law in 1993. This was widened in 2001 to include exercising “moral and psychological pressures” on women that might convince them against abortion. Finally, in 2014 the government made it a crime to “obstruct access to information” on abortion while expanding the scope of the offense of “obstruct[ing] the voluntary termination of pregnancy.”

This makes it illegal to offer a woman any reason whatsoever to not have an abortion and effectively shuts down any effort to reduce this barbaric pseudo-medical procedure.

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