Sean Hannity Is Actually Right About How the Press Should Be Treated (VIDEO)

Sean Hannity Is Actually Right About How the Press Should Be Treated (VIDEO)

Last night Trump fan and fluffer Sean Hannity let loose on the press.

Transcript via RCP

SEAN HANNITY: Amazing how wrong so many were.

Earlier today president-elect Trump met with the New York Times. I’m sure they were trying t smooth things over with Mr. Trump after their unrelenting negative coverage of his campaign.

Now, Mr. Trump should keep in mind that a few days before this meeting, that paper praised former Obama adviser, now a CNN contributor, Van Jones as a “star” of the 2016 campaign. The same Van Jones who was a member of the ‘alt radical left’ and who viciously attacked Donald Trump on a consistent basis…

All of this gets to my larger point tonight: I 2008, you may remember, I said journalism was dead. This election now shows it was far worse than any of us ever thought. WikiLeaks revealed rampant corruption between the media and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. We now know that interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile, from the Clinton campaign, gave them multiple debate questions. That’s called cheating. CNN was soliciting the DNC for questions that they should ask Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina during their interviews.

Reporters asked the Clinton campaign for approval before publishing their stories. So-called journalists allowed the Clinton campaign to edit quotes. Over at CNBC, John Harwood was offering the Clinton campaign advice and bragged about “going after” Trump in a debate that he was moderating.

Worst of all, WikiLeaks exposed how dozens of journalists from every major news network, except the Fox News Channel, were invited to be wined and dined at Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s house.

Donald Trump should keep all of that in mind. The media already had its chance to cover Donald Trump fairly, and they blew it.

In my opinion, it is time to reevaluate the role of the press in this country. And maybe it is time to change the traditional relationship that the press will have with the White House.

In this day and age of Twitter and Facebook and Instagram, does Trump really need to be granting access to biased journalists who openly oppose him?

Look at the video the president-elect released yesterday. It was detailing actions he would take on key issues during his first 100 days in office. Trump can do this and speak directly to you, the American people, without having his words twisted and taken out of context.

Until members of the media come clean about working with the Clinton campaign, and admit that they knowingly broke every ethical standard that they are supposed to uphold, they should not have the privilege. They should not have the responsibility of covering the president on behalf of you.

Pedictably, the press went batsh** crazy

While Ms. Darcy heads for her fainting couch let’s review the bidding.

The idea on a free press, as embodied in the Constitution, does not imply that the press receive any privileged access to anyone in government. It is merely a proscription on the ability of the US government to shut down any outlet that disagrees with them. The press also does not exclusively consist of the members of the White House Correspondents Association. The notion that Trump, or any president, is under a moral, legal, or ethical obligation to provide the media with a commercial product is simply bizarre.

We now know, thanks to the hacked emails of the DNC and John Podesta, that the media was working hand-in-glove with the Clinton campaingn, first to fluff Donald Trump as a candidate in order to disrupt the GOP primary process, then to vanquish the other septuagenarian socialist in the race, and finally to try and destroy Trump. We have a list of AT LEAST 65 major media figures who benefited from a cozy relationship to the Clinton campaign. We know that some reporters actually pre-cleared their stories with the Clinton camp. We know that at least one debate moderator boasted of his efforts to torpedo Trump. We know that questions that would be asked of Clinton at town hall meetings were leaked to here beforehand. We saw a debate moderator and senior network correspondent begin blowing snot in grief on election night. These people are not part of a free press. They are a weaponized arm of the Democrat party. Period. Full stop. Trump should know that they hate and resent him, he should know that neither he nor his administration are going to receive anything like the adulation of Obama. And there is zero reason why he should cooperate with them at all.

The danger posed to the republic by Trump shunning the press is dwarfed by the danger posed by one political party having control of virtually all national media which then operates behind the scenes to damage their collective opponents.

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