One Reason Why Senate Democrats May Cooperate With A Trump Administration


There  is a lot of talk among Senate Democrats about opposing just about everything Donald Trump wants to do. But there is a good chance that is all that it is: just talk. The reason is simple. The current number of Democrats in the Senate marks a high water mark for them. They’d fully expected to take control of the Senate in January, and, truth be told, I thought it was a real possibility. However, unless they have a run of good luck they are looking at losing at least six and maybe as many as nine, count them, nine Senate seats in 2018.


Most Vulnerable:

Joe Donnelly, IN: Trump +20

Claire McCaskill, MO: Trump +19

Jon Tester, MT: Trump +20

Heidi Heitkamp, ND: Trump +37

Sherrod Brown, OH: Trump  +9

Joe Manchin, WV: Trump +42

In Play (to one extent or another):

Tammy Baldwin, WI: Trump +1

Bob Casey, PA: Trump +1

Bill Nelson, FL: Trump +1


While a Blue State senator might not suffer repercussions for obstructing Trump, the same can’t be said for senators like Jon Tester. It also points a clear path to how the GOP, if it is serious, can break any attempted Democrat filibuster.



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