BREAKING. Nancy Pelosi Has A Challenger

Via The Washington Examiner:

Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio announced Thursday that he is challenging Nancy Pelosi in the race to be House minority leader in the next Congress — setting up the first major showdown within the Democratic ranks over the future of the party following a disastrous election.

“While having a position in Democratic Leadership has never been my life’s ambition, after this election I believe we all need to re-evaluate our roles within the Caucus, the Democratic Party, and our country,” Mr. Ryan said. “That is why I am announcing my run for Minority Leader of the Democratic Caucus and humbly request your support.”


I posted just a little earlier on the possibility that Nancy Pelosi might have a challenge for the position of House minority leader. Now it has happened. Unless Pelosi bows out — which is very possible as the fact that she has a challenger says a lot — he will get curb-stomped. But the fact that a challenge to a long standing caucus leader has been made is significant. It shows that the House Democrats are running scared.


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