Good Lord, But Politico Is Both Stupid And Dishonest

Good Lord, But Politico Is Both Stupid And Dishonest

One of the eye-opening revelations from the Wikileaks emails was the apparently standard practice within Politico of “journalists” submitting their stories in advance to the Hillary Clinton campaign for reaction and comment. Glenn Thrush was the star of the show from John Podesta’s emails but the fact that Politico management refused to discipline or even disapprove of his actions — they employed the silver tongue of paid slimeslinger Brad Dayspring to attack anyone who complained — shows that it was at least tacit policy at Politico to give Democrats a chance to shape the story. Another Wikileaks email reveals that former Politico reporter Maggie Haberman had worked with the Clinton campaign to “tee up stories for us.”

Now, their preferred candidate having lost, they are back in the business of pushing utter bullsh**.

The set up is this tweet by Politico’s editorial director

It is followed up by a story headlined Pence pushes for email privacy.

The effort to shield an email from public scrutiny follows an election in which Hillary Clinton’s campaign was hounded by her use of a private email server while serving at the State Department — a move that was criticized as both a security risk and a blow against transparency.

Get it? Hypocrisy? Pence was all in favor of Hillary Clinton having to release her emails but is fighting the same thing when it is applied to him.

Except that isn’t the case. What is under litigation here is material that is redacted from emails that Mike Pence has released. If you followed the Hillary Clinton email saga you know that often her emails and those of her minions only consisted of a date and maybe the addressees because the rest was exempt from release under Freedom Of Information Act exemptions.


What Pence is fighting is not the release of his official emails, those have been released. Rather he is demanding that the information that was deemed to be not releasable under Indiana’s law remain secret. Pence isn’t asking for treatment above the law, he’s merely asking that the law be applied to him and that he not be made an exception because he is Trump’s vice president.

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