Congress Considering Legislation On Sanctuary Cities

Congress Considering Legislation On Sanctuary Cities

Via Politico… which probably sent this to John Podesta for approval before running it.

The most detailed plans in the document focus on how he’ll approach immigration reform, which include launching bilateral talks with Mexico to build a wall on the southern border and proposing a bill that would enhance state and local authorities and block funding to sanctuary cities.

It is no secret that Trump made an issue of the sanctuary city movement while on the campaign trail. In his 100 day action plan you find

THIRD, cancel all federal funding to Sanctuary Cities

This, obviously, is something that be can’t do by fiat. Federal aid flows to cities based on legislation and unless Trump is willing to go full-metal-Obama in his first weeks, he simply can’t pull the plug of federal housing, education, highway, etc., funding to sanctuary cities… though it would be a damned good policy. The fact that Congress will be asked to specifically hit sanctuary cities with financial sanctions is a huge step forward in bringing our borders under control.

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