More Pay To Play Between Clinton Inc. And Hillary Clinton's State Department

Yesterday, Dan Spencer and myself posted on the standard practice within the State Department of linking access to Hillary Clinton directly to contributions to Clinton-owned charities and the shaking down of donors for consulting work to enrich Bill Clinton.


Today the New York Post covers one particularly egregious example.

The head of a for-profit university that donated up to $5 million to the Clinton Foundation was rewarded with an invite to a high-profile State Department dinner at the request of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Doug Becker, CEO of Laureate International University, got his senior VP, Joseph Duffey, into the meeting of world-class academics at the August 2009 dinner because Becker was someone “who Bill likes a lot” and his school was “the fastest growing college network in the world,” Clinton wrote in an e-mail to her chief of staff revealed on WikiLeaks.

“It’s a for-profit model that should be represented.”

Roughly nine months later, the university signed Bubba to a sweet deal as an “honorary chancellor,” paying him $17.6 million over five years until the contract ended in 2015 as his wife launched her presidential run.


The head of a for-profit university, a business model that Hillary Clinton has lambasted on the campaign trail as preying on their students, gives up to $5 million to the Clinton Foundation. Then Hillary gets a university rep into an exclusive dinner. Then the university signs Bill Clinton onto a cushy job where the hardest thing he has to do is cash the checks in between bouts of rogering the Energizer.

Nope. Nothing to see here folks. This will be the most ethical and transparent administration since Warren Harding and Richard Nixon.


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