REVEALED. Hillary Clinton's State Department Was Strictly Pay To Play

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton laughs with patrons during a visit to Dunkin' Donuts in West Palm Beach, Fla., Tuesday, March 15, 2016. Clinton faces Democratic rival Bernie Sanders in primary contests in five states on Tuesday: North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Missouri and Illinois. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

My colleague Dan Spencer will post in a short while on how the upper levels of the non-profit (hahaha) Clinton Global Initiative leveraged personal consulting contracts and speaking engagements out of donors for Bill Clinton. While Bill Clinton was siphoning cash out of donors we now have proof that Hillary Clinton was using her position as Secretary of State to create new donors to the Clinton’s various slush funds.

In 2012, Hillary Clinton visited to Ireland and naturally all manner of people wanted to see her, to touch the hem of her cloak and to be healed of leprosy. Unfortunately, unless you were a Clinton Global Initiative donor you were left out in the cold:


Via the Daily Caller:

A Dec. 4, 2012 email obtained by Citizens United and shared exclusively with The Daily Caller shows that Paul McElearney, CGI’s head of member development, emailed Abedin asking if he could meet with Hillary Clinton during her trip to Ireland two days later.

Abedin said that she could accommodate McElearney, and he then asked if several other people, including two CGI sponsors, could also meet Clinton. McElearney forwarded four names for Abedin’s consideration.

“Are these legit cgi people?” Abedin asked Band and two other Bill Clinton aides, Jon Davidson and Justin Cooper.

There are several salient points here. Hillary Clinton traveled to Ireland on the US government’s dime. She received lodging and meals courtesy of the US government. Unless she signed out on leave while in Ireland to take these visits from Clinton Global Initiative donors she broke the law. Not that it matters. The FBI has proven to us that Donald Trump is not the only candidate in this race who could shoot someone in a crowded street and walk away unscathed. There is no evidence that any of the people for whom this personal seance was requested furthered the goals of US diplomacy… though you can bet your bottom dollar they were seeking favors from the US government. Even though Huma Abedin had a ‘’ email address during this period, she did the coordination of this very private activity on behalf of the Clinton Global Initiative using her ‘’ email. Again, this is not merely improper, it is a black letter violation of federal standards of conduct and a lesser person would be suspended or fired for doing it.

The overall message of this email is that it was standard policy for people seeking favors from the US government to approach Hillary Clinton on her tax-payer funded globetrotting and the screening criteria used for agreeing to these meetings was never the benefit to the US government but rather the size of the donation to Clinton charities. If you think this grifting is going to change once Hillary Clinton is firmly ensconced in the White House, think again. This is the woman who stole the furniture from the White House as she departed in 2001.

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