New Texas Poll Finds Fear And Loathing Is Rampant

New Texas Poll Finds Fear And Loathing Is Rampant

There is a new poll out by the University of Texas and Texas Tribune that gives Donald Trump a 45-to-42 lead over Hillary Clinton. That is within the poll’s margin of error. Other than the frightening top line there were some interesting snippets:

While 93 percent of Democrats support Clinton, 83 percent of Republicans and 46 percent of independents support Trump. Only 19 percent of independents said they support Clinton. And there is a big divide on racial and ethnic lines: Trump led Clinton 57 percent to 28 percent among white voters, but Clinton led 95 percent to 4 percent among black voters and 56 percent to 33 percent among Hispanic voters.

Trump’s voters are split when asked for the reason behind their vote: While 47 percent said they want Trump to be president, 53 percent said their position would better be explained as not wanting Clinton to become president.

Clinton’s voters were more positive about their own choice, with 66 percent saying they want her to be president. Still, 34 percent of those voting for Clinton said they were with her because they don’t want Trump to be elected.

In this, Trump is doing about as well with minority voters as either McCain or Romney. The real drag on Trump is the fact that about one in five Republicans are not voting for him and when you look at national numbers, Trump is doing pretty well with Republicans in Texas. The contest is being driven by the revulsion the voters feel for both candidates. Over half of Trump’s supporters are doing so because they detest Hillary Clinton. A third of Clinton’s feel the same about Trump.

But the real takeaway from this poll is that under Donald Trump’s leadership, Texas has moved from “solid Republican” to “toss up.” That is one helluva an accomplishment and one that will probably never again be attempted much less equaled.

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