Why Didn't Someone Discover This Donald Trump Video A Year Ago?

Our long time managing editor and political sherpa, Erick Erickson has unearthed this Donald Trump interview and posted it at The Resurgent.

In this video, Donald Trump says he opposes term limits.* He says the only reason people propose term limits is because they could otherwise not get elected. But, he says, they are a bad idea.

Trump also praises Michael Bloomberg as his friend and hopes the gun grabber could get another term in office in New York City.


None of this is remarkable as it fits very nicely into Trump’s political musings before he entered the GOP primary last summer. In fact, what he says here is not a shock to anyone from the Acela Corridor. It does differ markedly from the faux populism that Trump has advocated on the campaign trail. For over a year we have been telling you that Donald Trump is a typical New York liberal who is running for president under a false flag. Everything he has said and done before the summer of 2015 screams this fact. And yet, here we are…

*Full disclosure. I think term limits is a profoundly unconservative position, one the Founders considered and rejected in favor of holding elections. That said, Trump is not a conservative, he’s been playing Elmer Gantry to a populist crowd who do think the government limiting your choice of candidates is a good thing.


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