WHOA. Did Someone At FoxNews Leak Town Hall Questions To Hillary's Campaign?

WHOA. Did Someone At FoxNews Leak Town Hall Questions To Hillary's Campaign?

Wikileaks strikes again.

Donna Brazile acting as a Hillary Clinton campaign operative while on CNN’s payroll has been discussed. But it seems like that the Clinton campaign had a network of Democrat apparatchiks who were employed by the news media yet betrayed their employer’s trust to give Hillary Clinton an advantage.

Back on March 7, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders went wrinkle-for-wrinkle, sag-for-sag, cellulite-lump-for-cellulite-lump at a town hall event in Detroit hosted by FoxNews. In a March 7 email titled 3 pm prep for FOX Town Hall Prep there is this nugget from Hillary Clinton policy adviser Kristina Costa to a largish group of people:


I don’t know who “Bob B.” is but a prime suspect is Robert Barnett who is a Hillary Clinton lawyer who played Mike Pence in Tim Kaine’s debate prep. This isn’t the smoking gun of Donna Brazile’s emailed warning but it is a sign that someone inside FoxNews was feeding information to the Clinton campaign. A quick look at the debate transcript shows that Hillary was asked about late term abortions but there was no question asked on a carbon tax.

This simply goes to show the incestuous relationship that exists between the news media (keeping in mind Rush’s dictum that politics is Hollywood for ugly people) and the Democrat party and highlights the impossibility of expecting politically active people to keep material helpful to their cause and candidates confidential.

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