Convicted Felon Forced To Resign From Hillary Clinton Campaign By O'Keefe Videos

A few days ago conservative activist, James O’Keefe, released a series of videos titled “Rigging the Election.” As with any O’Keefe project, sometimes there is no “there” there on much of the stuff but there are nuggets in the dross that bear paying attention. Such was the case. Despite all the mewling and caterwauling about “edited” videos (pro tip to the media, if you aren’t editing your video you don’t know what you are doing) the ax fell in short order. Because every sensible organization fires people based on “edited” videos.


The first to go was some noxious douchenozzle called Scott Foval. He admitted to using plants, including mentally ill people, to start violence at or near Trump events. He also bragged about bussing, his word, in illegal voters to Wisconsin. He was affiliated with what was, at least according to his description of its activities, a criminal enterprise called Americans United for Change.

Now the long knives have struck again.

A Democratic operative whose organization was helping Hillary Clinton’s campaign announced Tuesday that he would be “stepping back” from the campaign after an edited video suggested that he and other staffers hired people to attend Donald Trump’s campaign rallies and incite violence.

Robert Creamer — husband of Illinois Rep. Jan Schakowsky — announced his resignation in a statement after conservative activist James O’Keefe released a video under his organization Project Veritas Action, which showed Creamer and other operatives purportedly discussing methods for inciting violence at rallies for the Republican nominee.

Creamer says he would never condone vote fraud and is “stepping back,” code for “fired like a dog” as Trump would say, so he won’t become a “distraction.” Though how you can become a “distraction” when your media allies are claiming the video gives a false impression is unclear. Besides, no one would ever think a convicted felon and jail bird would be involved in anything illegal:


The husband of U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) will spend five months in prison for committing bank fraud as part of his efforts to keep afloat a nonprofit group that he ran.

U.S. Senior District Judge James Moran handed down the punishment on Wednesday to Robert Creamer, who also will serve 11 months under house arrest.

The sentence fell far short of the three-year prison term that prosecutors were seeking for Creamer, who pleaded guilty last year to writing a series of bad checks worth millions of dollars to numerous banks to generate cash — a scheme known as check-kiting.


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